Unemployment Claims Management

In today’s business and economic environment, controlling rising unemployment costs is a critical and challenging task for all employers. Very few employers are familiar with unemployment laws and regulations, most do not have the time or resources to adequately defend themselves and successfully fight claims. Managing claims can be very costly and time consuming; one simple claim can cost a business thousands of dollars in taxes and affect a business’ tax rate for 3 years.

We provide our clients with extremely proactive and successful claims management services. Services that relieve our clients of the headaches and time consuming burdens associated with handling claims and phone calls from the state, allowing our clients more time to focus on their core competencies – the areas of their business that actually generate revenue.

Scope of Services:

Claims Administration

  • In-depth analysis of claims to establish all possible / legitimate ways to avoid charges
  • Complete and thorough investigation of each claim filed
  • Collect all relevant facts regarding the employee’s separation. Interview by phone all witnesses with pertinent knowledge of the separation
  • Present your case to the state and advocate on your behalf
  • Respond to all inquiries from the state
  • Review all determinations for accuracy and request correction on all errors

Appeals Representation

Each adverse determination is reviewed for appeal. The case is discussed with you to determine if an appeal should be filed.

  • We represent you in all appeal hearings
  • An experienced representative will organize, prepare and assist you in presenting your case at the hearing
  • Requests for review to the Unemployment Appeals Commission are filed on your behalf


  • Review for accuracy all quarterly tax notices of benefits charged. Frequent mistakes by the state cost employers thousands every year just in erroneous charges


  • Consultation for employee problems as they arise is available and encouraged. We can advise you on how to avoid an unemployment claim before it is filed

Education & Training

  • Educational seminars are available to management personnel at your place of business and at your convenience
  • Managers are trained in how to be proactive in avoiding costly unemployment claims