CHOICE PEO Brokerage

When selecting an outsourcing partnership for managing your employee related costs, liabilities, and administrative responsibilities; it’s important to understand the vast differences between each PEO, ASO, or Payroll company you may consider. Not every company will be a good fit for your business, even though they may present a compelling presentation claiming they are.

We understand this. Choice PEO Brokerage is dedicated to helping your business find the right company and cost effective solution for controlling your employee related costs, liabilities, and administrative responsibilities as it relates to payroll, workers’ compensation, human resources, employee benefits, and more.

The following are some of the advantages you will benefit from while partnering with CHOICE PEO Brokerage:

  • We are well respected veterans of our industry, with tremendous relationships and volume that provides us the ability to obtain the most competitive pricing and preferred underwriting for our clients.
  • Unlike most Brokers, we actually own PEO, ASO, and Payroll companies. We have a greater understanding and knowledge of our industry; creating a tremendous amount of added value when negotiating favorable terms and finalizing fair agreements.
  • Because we own PEO, ASO, and Payroll platforms, we can extend additional resources for supporting your needs that the traditional brokers cannot. (We maintain a very proactive and personalized role as your advocate throughout the life of the relationship.)
  • We have tremendous relationships with our industry peers, they value our ability to deliver clean business that fits their appetite for risk and their designed service platforms.
  • We perform our due diligence and work with extremely competitive, competent, and financially stable companies.

Unlike most brokers who work with companies that pay the highest commissions, we truly place our clients’ needs first. Our criteria for electing a company starts with pairing our clients’ needs to a company that can deliver the needed level of service at the most competitive rates. We truly believe if we place clients with the right partners, it will result in greater experiences that will benefit our industry as a whole. Too often companies sell themselves to a business knowing they are not the best fit nor can they deliver the needed level of service resulting in a negative experience and perception of the overall industry…’s simply not fair to our industry nor to the businesses that encounter these experiences.

You can rely on CHOICE PEO Brokerage to find you the right partnership for administering your current and future PEO, ASO, or Payroll needs!

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