What Makes Us Different?

Businesses outsource for a reason, we understand why.

Our business model is simple; provide our clients with a competitive pricing model from inception throughout the relationship while delivering a service platform that is customized to complement each of our clients individual outsourcing needs. We will not make a promise or create an expectation that we cannot meet or more importantly exceed.

Most of our competitors are publicly traded companies or owned by venture capital groups; while our focus is providing outsourcing solutions geared towards alleviating our clients administrative headaches and controlling employee related costs and liabilities, our competitors are more focused on mergers, acquisitions, and appeasing investors.

Furthermore, these competitors have tremendous sales and marketing platforms driven by impressive presentations and gimmick introductions. We are different; we’re not a fit for every business and will not sell ourselves as such. If your business is a fit for CHOICE HR, we will provide you with unmatched service structured on a “personalized” service model, with competitive pricing throughout our relationship. If your business is not a fit for our company, we will direct you towards a solution that will better serve your needs, even if that means referring another Professional Employer Organization (PEO), Payroll Provider, or other solutions.

Our client retention and client satisfaction statistics are unmatched in our industry. What makes us different? Businesses outsource for a reason, we understand why. We have created a very personalized and nimble platform with unobtrusive processes to allow your business to focus on the core competencies of your business that actually generate revenue. Break away from the “fit inside our box” mentality and experience an outsourcing solution that will customize the experience to truly help your business thrive.