CHOICE HR was established in 2004 as a PEO Brokerage. Through relationships with an array of reputable Professional Employer Organizations (PEOs), CHOICE HR helped hundreds of business owners control their employee related costs and liabilities by negotiating extremely competitive rates, non-binding service agreements, and providing an additional layer of client services to ensure client satisfaction.

In May of 2009, unemployment rates increased in 48 of 50 States. For the year as a whole (2009), the jobless rate increased in every state, and in eight states the jobless rate reached its highest level since 1976, when monthly state-level statistics were first issued by the federal government. The national jobless rate in May of 2009 rose to 9.4 percent – 10.2 percent in FL (FL’s highest level in 34 years – with 61,000 lost jobs in May alone). This, in addition to the struggling economy and the SUTA Dumping Prevention Act passed on August 9, 2004, was the start of an unemployment legacy cost issue for most existing PEOs.

After re-negotiating client rates for 2010, the Ownership of CHOICE HR entertained the idea of expanding on the brokerage model and creating a full service PEO. After due diligence, the decision to expand was clear. With previous PEO start-up experience, financial strength, the ability to maintain a lower cost basis than the largest PEOs in the country, the commitment and loyalty of a strong client base, and the advantage of strong SUTA rates without legacy concerns, CHOICE HR expanded to a full service PEO and started servicing clients in January of 2011.

In July of 2013, CHOICE HR restructured the ownership to enhance our executive leadership team.

Our Ownership and Management Team has more than 155 years of industry experience. Understanding the strengths and weaknesses of other PEOs along with a great understanding of our clients’ needs, we’ve created a pro-active service model with unobtrusive processes and leading technologies to provide our clients with the finest PEO experience possible.

Learning from our competitors’ mistakes, we will not over commit ourselves trying to be a fit for every type of business. Choice HR is a well-respected regional organization that is known for delivering a “boutique” client experience at very competitive rates. Our focus and strength is creating customized outsourcing solutions that help businesses control employee related costs, liabilities, and administrative responsibilities.

We truly look forward to being your PEO of CHOICE.